TwitLamp is Twitter in your own perspective!
Posted by TwitLamp on February 13, 2013

TwitLamp is your new way to filter tweets! make Twitter in your own perspective :)


Using you will see your timeline with new look! also the search results! you will see each tweet goes to one of these categories: Photos, videos, audios, links and hashtags! and each category show you the tweets with the suitably way! for example: on 'Photos' category you will browse the tweets as a gallery! you can take a quick look on all photos on your timeline and click on any of theme to enlarge it. Same thing with videos category and others. Each tweet will appear with full details: Username, time and avatar. Also, you can favorite, retweet, replay, see conversation and compose new tweet! On the other side, you can use 'Setting' page to hide the replies or retweets! and you can search and browse the results by the same way. Also, you can browse any user's profile.


Finally, we say it again: TwitLamp is Twitter in your own perspective :)

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