To Upgrade or Stay Free?
Posted by TwitLamp on March 13, 2013
When you first sign up to a new service you automatically opt for the cheaper or free option. Sometimes this is for the best and sometimes you find that you are missing out. Not everything suits everyone and that is why we are so lucky to have so much choice in this world. Twitlamp is just the same and while the free account might be good for some people, others will happily reap the benefits of the Pro account. When you use the free service you feel like you are using a commercial service because of the ads. We are so used to advertisements in our day-to-day lives that often we question the validity of something like a website if it doesn’t have advertisements. But no matter how much you get used to these ads, they can at times ruin the experience. Some sites have large ads, inappropriately placed that users accidentally click on, sending them away from the site that they want to be on. While Twitlamp isn’t like this, the free account does feature ads that can distract the user from their original purpose on the site. Alternatively the Pro account doesn’t feel like a commercial service, it feels like your own personal Twitter experience. No ads, unlimited options. For those who don’t need the unlimited search options and don’t mind advertisements then the free account might be ideal, but for many the Pro account simply ticks all the boxes, fulfilling their social media needs. There’s nothing holding you back and nothing to stop you. Some say that freedom allows the mind to think clearly and aids inspiration. You’ll have to let us know! Don’t forget to include #Twitlamp in your tweet.
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