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Posted by TwitLamp on March 13, 2013

When a word, phrase, event or person is trending there is a certain buzz that surrounds it, gathering more followers and tweeters to join in the event. Social media is all about being part of something bigger and trending epitomises this perfectly. Clicking on that Discover link on Twitter and seeing what the world is up to is a great feeling and a fantastic way to connect with people around the globe, but sometimes it can feel just a little too disorganised to really get involved with.


As you might expect, Twitlamp has a solution for this, offered only to Pro account holders. The Twitlamp trends page contains the most popular multimedia that comes to the timeline of TwitLamp users from the last 6 hours. This allows you to see everything going on in the world of Twitter, offering you the option to get involved and put you own input in! Many people find that trends are the only way that they interact with Twitter, as it is somewhat like joining a conversation and jumping in with both feet.


How trends start is one of the most interesting parts of social media. Once it is listed in Twitlamp Trends, or the discover page of Twitter all the hard work has already happened and you are contributing to an established conversation, but who starts these things? Is it simply a phenomenon of many people being interested in one thing at the same time or is there a formula for getting a topic to trend? Let us know your thoughts and don't forget to use #Twitlamp in your tweet!

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