Searching for the Answer
Posted by TwitLamp on March 13, 2013

It is so easy to lose hours of your day searching through Twitlamp. Whether you are looking for people you used to know, new friends to follow or celebrities to learn about, the possibilities are endless. There is a great deal to learn on the site, whether you have a Pro account or the basic free one. For so many people that little search bar offers endless possibilities and unlimited conversations to get caught up in.


Aside from all the numerous unlimited options that the Pro account on Twitlamp offers, the joy of not having to put up with advertisements cannot be underestimated. In order to completely lose yourself there needs to be no distractions. With no advertisements catching your eye and either taking you away from the page or simply annoying you, you can enjoy Twitlamp and all it has to offer. Sites without ads are rare nowadays and it is a real joy to be able to use one. The presentation looks cleaner, it is a better experience and you don’t run the risk of being taken away from the site. Could there be a better reason to upgrade to Pro?


Twitlamp is all about making the Twitter experience more personal and what is more personal than search results without advertisements? It makes your Twitlamp account perfect for you as an individual, showing purely your search results, with no distractions. Some consider social media to be an escape from the real world, others think of it as a chance to connect with the virtual world. However you might think of Twitter and other social media sites, make it your own. Let us know what you use the search bar for, and don’t forget to include #Twitlamp in your tweet!

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