It’s a Block Party!
Posted by TwitLamp on March 13, 2013

Social media is all about putting yourself out there, sharing your information, thoughts and feelings with the world. It is a system built on trust, but what happens when that trust is broken, or what about those who don’t want their information shared with the world? For those who have privacy issues Twitter offers a closed account, where people can only see your tweets and follow you if you accept them as a follower. Yes, this reduces your potential audience and Twitter community, but it also acts as a form of protection for your data. However, not everyone wants to limit their account and activity and so, then what do you do?


On the Twitter site you can block individual users by going to their account page and choosing the drop down option. However, Twitlamp, as always makes this much simpler, offering a black list for users and keywords that you simply don’t want in your life. We all have these people or keywords, no matter how good or bad you might be, sometimes you just want to keep someone or something at arm’s length and social media should make this easy for us.


Once you have posted a tweet it is out there, for all the world to see, but this doesn’t mean that you have to lose control. You can delete the post, or block certain people that you don’t want to see it. Social media puts the power in your hands and Twitlamp is a great example of this. All that Twitter has to offer is compartmentalised and easy to see and understand. Pick and choose what you want to read and who you follow. It makes sense that this should apply to your followers too, offering you the ultimate in control. How do you feel about privacy on social media? Let us know and don’t forget to include #Twitlamp in your tweet!

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