Is the Price Right For You?
Posted by TwitLamp on March 13, 2013

These days many people feel that they should only pay for something if it is really worth it. Why pay for a donut if you can get a free one with a coffee? Why pay for phone insurance if it is included in your house insurance? Nothing is simple nowadays and it is worth looking around for the best deal and working out if something is really worth the money. When it comes to new concepts in technology in a lot of the cases it is much more simple. If there is a market there, then the likelihood is that there is a need for it. Twitlamp is a prime example of this. Twitter is a necessary tool, but one that is often confusing and too dense with information to really process. Twitlamp takes this information and offers it to you in a manageable format. Now that is worth paying for.


Of course the lovely people at Twitlamp know that not everyone can afford or even needs everything that is included in the Pro account, so naturally they offer a free version that is limited, but still offers a personalised Twitter experience. But that’s not really what we are talking about here. The Pro account is for users that have made Twitter a part of their lives and need this essential site to work for them. When you take into account how often you use Twitlamp, the price is put into perspective. Initially there was one price for the Pro account, but those lovely people at Twitlamp have made it even more tempting to sign up with their new price offers. For one month the cost is a mere $3. Increase that to 3 months and you get a fantastic price of $8 and for 6 months it is only $15.


When a company offers these varied price options it can only mean one thing. They are taking their users into consideration. A varied price option means varied customers and although everyone might have Twitlamp in common that doesn’t mean that they are all the same people. They are saying that if you want flexibility then the 1 month price is for you, but show us a little loyalty and you are rewarded with a low price of $15 for half a year of Twitlamp goodness. What do you think of these price options? Let us know and don’t forget to include #Twitlamp in your tweet!

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